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My fieldwork goes back to childhood, to the garden of my grandparents’ country house, where I spent part of my summer holidays. High in the Pyrenees, surrounded by nature, this beautiful set of terraced fields was probably cultivated for hundreds of years (Photo). This is where I learned that eating a tomato earlier than July and later than September is an inconsiderate fault of taste, an anomaly.

Resistance had come with my Catalan family genes, and as expected, I cut my teeth as an activist, when I was teenager, joining anti nuke, wildlife protection and anti GMO protests. Since then, defending the environment has been my big battle, and has become my career. From tying myself to gates of coal power stations, to writing law proposals at the European Parliament, I stand on the side of those who think a safe world goes hand-in-hand with a protected planet.

In the last 15 years, I lived in France, Colombia, The Netherlands and Belgium. This is how I ended speaking four languages, sometimes in the same sentence, and while living abroad, I started taking mental notes on food behaviours and food politics.

In March 2016, our family decided to put down the suitcases in Barcelona. From where we live I can see the sea and the mountains. It’s an exciting time to live here, because of the process for a independent Catalan state, and people taking control of their future. I want to take part by promoting organic food as an asset for the sovereign and sustainable country to be.

When I shop, cook and take away, I make sure there is an organic label attached.

Nathalie Parès

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