Gone shopping: I want “organic” not “natural”

Four countries in less than ten years, several bosses and apartments, and the same reflex when I land in a new place: where do I find organic food? After all, moving house makes a woman hungry.

Sant Cugat, near Barcelona, is where I currently live and it’s where the organic shopping journey starts. We are 20 minutes away from Barcelona, separated from the Catalan capital by the immense natural park of Collserola. This city of almost 90,000 inhabitants claims it has one tree per inhabitant. Under the green canopy, it seems to have almost as many swimming pools. Sant Cugat, actually one of Spain’s richest cities, is lead by a very agile female politician, Mercé Conesa, who makes smart cities looks easy and invites Jeremy Rifkin to talk about the Internet of Things at the local theatre. The streets are full of smart lampposts, joggers, families pushing prams, and fancy food businesses. But, I am not into jamón, (here is why: “Spain, towards a pig factory farm nation?”), and I look forward to the day cupcakes will become massively extinct. You see, I need to cook something for tonight.

I have been told, “organic food, oh yes!, you will find lots here”. That makes sense, after all, isn’t Spain the EU country with the most land dedicated to organic farming?

They have some in the supermarket. And check Casa Ametller, you should find plenty of natural products there plus, they don’t have middlemen!”

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